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Woman getting a head massage at a spa

Hey There

My name is Liz Soto Rivas, originally from Mexico. On my journey, I found this wonderful therapy and decided to share the healing energy through it.

am a certified Access Bars® Therapist based in Berlin and also reikist. 

I invite you to learn more about this therapy. 

We are going through times that have undoubtedly moved us all, we have had to reinvent ourselves in many aspects and for many it has not been easy to change. Human beings have an extraordinary capacity to adapt but we usually go through various mental states such as resistance, uncertainty and anguish that generate a lot of stress and at many times we can feel discouraged, tired and perhaps even hopeless. There are many effective tools that can help you to feel better and motivated.

Today more than ever our physical and mental well-being is a priority, for this reason, I would like to tell you about an energetic body therapy that I am sure is an effective technique that will help you to stop the mental chatter.

Thoughts, conclusions and points of view are electrically charged. When we think too much our brain is overloaded keeping it in the Beta wave frequency (intense activity). This type of frequency blocks us and raises our stress level.

Access Bars is a manually applied technique that, through gentle touches on specific points on the head, causes the brainwaves to change from Beta wave (wakefulness) to Theta or Delta wave (deep relaxation states).

They are a set of 32 points on the head that when lightly touched stimulate a positive change in the brain; defragmenting the electromagnetic components of stress, thought and emotions. On the other hand, neuroscientific studies have shown an increase and improvement in brain coherence.

An Access Bars session can help in the following ways:

- Increased mental clarity
- Motivation
- Significant increase in joy and happiness - Deep relaxation
- Insomnia
- Anxiety and depression
- Stress and overwhelm
- Migraine headaches
- Panic attacks

Appointments are available at Aqasha after July 2023.


30€ 40 min

45€ 1 hour

Reiki, Chakra Balance, and Access Bars:

40 min. Chakra balance / Reiki + 40 min. Access Bars: 79€

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