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About me

Fun Tidbit: On weekends, you can find me not only behind the camera but also exploring Berlin's vibrant food & drink scene or escaping with Alex, my partner in crime to a new destination —because who says dopamine can't be an art form too?


Hello, I'm Liz, a proud Duranguense (north of Mexico) with an insatiable appetite for art, communication, and innovation. Ever since I was knee-high, my heart has danced to the rhythm of creativity, and my adventurous spirit has led me to weave connections with people around the world.


Educational Adventures: My academic journey took me from Communication Sciences at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla to capturing moments through the lens at MassArt and NESOP in Boston. I even added a linguistic flair to my arsenal with an English as a Second Language program at Harvard. And just to spice things up, in 2012, I added an executive master's degree in Community Management from the University of Alicante, Spain, to my collection.


Since 2014, Berlin has been my artistic playground and home to a thriving community of Latina women—over 15K strong now (Latinas en Alemania). Amidst capturing memories through my freelance video and photography services, I dipped my toes into the digital marketing world.


Networking Fiesta: Being the face of such a committed community has not only filled my days with joy but also expanded my Berliner network. Representing migrant women with pride and courage is a task I take on with the energy of a thousand suns. I've had the honor of wearing different hats—speaker, moderator, and guest at events organized by the Mexican, Colombian, and Venezuelan embassies, and even gracing interviews and podcasts with my presence.


Entrepreneurial Coach: When not behind the lens, you'll find me mentoring entrepreneurs, sprinkling a bit of my creative magic to help them spice up their business strategies and create content that truly resonates. It's a thrilling new chapter in my career, where community representation meets visionary guidance in the dynamic world of business.


Mission: Empowerment: Above all, my mission is to empower women through my diverse projects. Picture this: leading initiatives with fellow visionaries who share the same empowering perspective while sipping on a cup of artfully brewed coffee—now that's a vision worth creating

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