Photo Reviews:

My name is Liz, a creative soul who loves photography. I'm lucky to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and meeting new people. I make my bed in Berlin and I have different jobs; I do three tours: photo, food and beer tour,  I work in an art gallery/bar and I have an online store. I love long walks, meditation and cooking.

When I'm taking photos, I want to capture great images! I know it's important to create a relaxed environment. I accomplished this by engaging in conversations, listening with my ears and camera, and paying close attention to the smallest details.

About my professional career; I have a degree in Communications and a Executive Master in Community Management. I have held different positions in the fields of marketing and graphic design. Since 2008, I've been living abroad and working as photographer freelancer. Since I'm in Berlin, I have been presenting my photos in several art exhibitions since 2015.


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